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Online Dating: The First Contact

Online dating and making that first often awkward contact with the perspective date can often be intimidating and even scary. It doesn't have to be that way! Like so many other things in life that a person will encounter, sometimes things that are new are very uncomfortable.

When people meet online there is a protective wall that insulates both parties' from the possibility of the unexpected or often embarrassing question asked. There are lots of protection for both parties when engaged in conversation online but the whole purpose of the actual online contact comes down to the first meeting of that person on the other side of the computer that you have been engaging. A person should always engage the other party truthfully and honestly. A person should seek those that have profiles that match with similar interests.

When wanting to create honest interest for others in your profile you must be accurate and honest. Never talk about sex! Always find similar interest group portals to make your online contacts. A brief few words like" hi I'm mike" type into the browser will generate a response from others. Start casually with your responses like "how is your day" or "I'm new here could you guide me around this forum" Don't ever respond with sexual topics or questions.

In general safety must be a prime concern when meeting the first time. A person should always notify someone else who, when and where they are meeting this person from their online contact. The second point that should be considered is that the first few meetings should be at a public place away from your residence and preferable not an alcohol establishment. The meeting should last no more than two hours the first few times. Again safety should be your prime concern no matter how wonderful the person seemed to be on the computer.

As the date progresses take mental notes as to the person's character, truthfulness and accuracy that they described their selves to you online. Also a word of advice casual personal contact including kissing is off limits for the first contact.